Flirty Boys

Flirty Boys
I can't get enough of a flirty boy!
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The Flirty Boys of Seattle

The one city that I had always wanted to visit was Seattle, Washington. I had been told that there were lots of flirty boys there that would make sure that I had the best time I had ever enjoyed on a vacation. That’s why when I decided to take some vacation time; I made arrangements to visit this amazing city. I actually had a couple of friends that had moved there after visiting it on a pleasure trip. They assured me that it was like nothing they could describe to me. So I was thrilled to be setting out on my trip.

One of the first things that I needed to do was order some swimsuits to wear so that I could be properly alluring to the flirty boys of Seattle. It was very important that I wasn’t wasting my trip there. That’s why I went straight to to do a little shopping. I had discovered this gem of a site last summer when I was planning my trip to the Bahamas. They had so many unique items available for sale that I was hooked from that moment on. The designer of the swimwear and other menswear on the site is all created by their resident designer, Michael David. He’s been designing menswear items for more than 25 years and he takes his job very seriously.

Michael is someone that would understand just how important it is to have something sexy to wear when trying to entice some flirty boys. That’s why he goes to such extremes to insure that every one of his customers is thrilled with the product that they’ve chosen. He even tries out each of his designs individually, and if he finds that anything is lacking in the item, it immediately goes back to the drawing board. He may even take it completely apart if he finds it necessary. Michael strives for perfection and that’s what you’re going to see in the finished products found on

Anyway, I went to the website and proceeded to select several sexy swimsuits as well as a couple of “play” items. I wanted to be prepared for anything with those flirty boys I hoped to find in Seattle. The swimsuits were meant to attract and entice these sweet boys in my direction. The other items were to be used once I had found that perfect young man to take back to my hotel room with me. Unless he wanted to take me home with him, which would also be fine.

My plane landed right on schedule to an overcast and somewhat misty day in Seattle. Of course, I knew all about the weather in Seattle, and that was fine because I actually love the rain. There’s something so cozy about it. I always want to curl up in bed or by a romantic fire with someone when it’s raining outside. Thunder and lightning also makes me feel very romantic. I was hoping that the flirty boys in Seattle also felt the same way.

I made sure that my hotel room came with a sitting area as well as a working fireplace. Room service was also a must. The bed was king size and there was bar in the room as well as a Jacuzzi. I was thrilled to find a hotel that had everything that I wanted and at price I could afford. Happily, the hotel was also located in the middle of downtown Seattle. That put me close to all sorts of clubs and nightlife. I just knew I was going to have the time of my life.

My first contact with some flirty boys came shortly after I had checked into my hotel. I unpacked and decided that I was going to look around a bit and have lunch. It was so wonderful to have the day just stretching out in front of me. I was ready for some relaxation and some sexy fun. After exploring some of the shops that were in the area, I finally settled on a wonderful little café for lunch. I had a great table that gave me access to all of the beautiful people that were out walking in the partly cloudy weather, which is how I spotted my first flirty boys, or I should say that they spotted me.

Three gorgeous boys happened to be walking past the café and looked in the window right at me. They slowed down and smiled at me, then waved. While they didn’t actually come into the café, I was fine with that because now I knew for sure that there really were some flirty young men on the streets of Seattle. What was really great is that they seemed to be quite comfortable in waving at me in that flirty way. I absolutely adored it and was quite excited to get back to my hotel so that I could put on some of the new swimwear that I had bought from Surely, there had to be some flirty boys down by the pool in my hotel.

I wasted no time in getting into my swimsuit and heading down to the indoor pool of the hotel. It was quite large but it didn’t seem to be particularly crowded. That was fine with me, though, because it did give me more of a chance to observe the people that were coming down to swim. I settled on a chaise lounge located at one end of the pool that gave me quite a view of everyone that came into pool area. I had brought a book with me so I could pretend to read while I was actually studying the people as they entered. 

As luck would have it, a group of flirty boys appeared in a very short time. I noticed them checking me out, or more to the point, checking out my swimsuit from They sauntered along the pool’s edge in my direction. As they drew closer to me, they started to smile. They motioned to the other chaise lounges around me and asked if they were vacant. I told them that they were vacant as far as I knew because I had only just arrived myself. So these very handsome young men made themselves at home.

They continued to chat with me and, in no time, these flirty boys and I had decided to go into the pool. Of course, there was a lot of showing off initially with diving and swimming underwater. Contests as to who could hold their breath the longest ensued along with some raucous dunking games. I really enjoyed those dunking games. It was lots of fun for me to swim underwater and through the legs of one those young men, then come up with him sitting on my shoulders. Laughing, I threw him backwards so that he went under the water. Then, the process started all over again. We had our hands all over each other as we played.

It grew late and these flirty boys invited me to have dinner with them. I couldn’t agree quickly enough, but I told them that I needed to shower and change. They all had to do the same so we agreed to meet in the lobby in an hour. I took extra care with my shower and getting my hair looking just right. The clothes I chose to wear were casual dressy but very sexy. Underneath them, I was wearing one of the thongs that I had purchased from I was hoping that tonight would be a special one where I would get lucky. In fact, I had never experienced an actual threesome before and I was halfway hoping that it could happen on this trip. These flirty boys seemed like they just might be open to something like that, but I certainly didn’t want to assume something. That was never a good thing to do.

We met in the lobby at the appointed time and set about figuring out where we wanted to go for dinner. Finally, we settled on a famous steakhouse that came highly recommended and off we went. Dinner was, in a word, magnificent. The steaks were perfect as well as the side items that accompanied them. The same could be said for the wine that flowed plentifully. Following dinner, my beautiful flirty boys and I set off to try out some of the clubs that people had told us we simply couldn’t miss while we were here.

A night of drinking and dancing was just what I needed to kick off my vacation. The drinks were great and the music was phenomenal. It was so much fun dancing up close and personal with these cute guys twitching and gyrating their rounded, tight asses against my crotch. I managed to keep a massive erection most of the night. Of course, I was also hoping to be able to show my thong off to at least one of these flirty boys before the night was over.

It became rather late and we were talking about going back to the hotel. That was very agreeable to me because I was hoping that my time had come for a little extracurricular activity. Finally, we finished up our last drinks and headed out of the club. We decided to walk back to the hotel because it was within the vicinity. The night air felt cool and bracing against my face, which also helped me to sober up a bit. Instead of bringing me to my senses, so to speak, it only made me even more hopeful of some sort of sexual connection with one of these flirty boys.

When at last we found ourselves back at the hotel, it seemed as if at least one of them was pairing off with me. He had become a lot more touchy feely and flirty on the walk home. So I invited him to come by my hotel room for a drink, an invitation that he readily accepted. I unlocked my door and we walked into the room. The first thing I did was start a romantic fire in the fireplace and told him to make himself at home. Then, I poured us each a glass of wine and joined him on the sofa facing the fireplace.

I had no sooner sat down than he turned to me and started kissing me. Now this was more like it, I was thinking. Finally, something was going to happen with at least one of these flirty boys. We continued to kiss and fondle each other for a bit when suddenly there was a knock at the door. I grabbed a robe and put it on. Then I looked through the little peephole on the door to see who was on the other side. Low and behold, it was one of the other guys in our little group!

Male chastity

With a little giggle, he asked if he was interrupting anything. When I said not exactly, he giggled again and asked if he might join us. Well, I certainly didn’t mind but I wanted to be sure that my guest didn’t, so I asked him. Once I had confirmation that he was of a mind that more was merrier, I opened the door wide to another of my flirty boys. He entered with a bit of a sashaying walk and joined us on the sofa. I fetched him a glass of wine and handed it to him.

Soon it was looking as if I was going to be modeling my thong from to more than just one handsome young man that night. When the moment came, I couldn’t have been any more excited. The guys really loved the thong, too. They loved it so much, in fact, that they refused to let me take it off for a very long time. It seemed that they enjoyed touching it and moving their fingertips over it as often as possible. That wasn’t a problem for me, though,   because I loved the touching.

Those flirty boys helped me live out several of my fantasies that night and in the days that followed. While I’m sure that Seattle has many flirty young men, I didn’t get a chance to see many of them because my time was all tied up with the first ones I met at my hotel, and they turned out to not even be from Seattle!

I am so sick of seeing conceited flirty boy bitches everywhere you look. Don't get me wrong. They are hot as hell to look at.  Take a trip to the mall and visit some of the younger clothing stores. Several boys fall under the ìflirty boyî label. You have your classic Abercrombie & Fitch twinks ñ always a flirt. These are the boys that have a big chest with a tight shirt that usually comes just to their waist line so you can catch a glimpse of some underwear, which is also usually very hot. They manage to keep their pants down just enough for you see the underwear. The pants are usually baggy, and are accompanied by some flip flops so you can see their ëtwinkishí feet. (Which drives those of us with foot fetishes crazy). 
Flirty Boys need Male chastity

Although the above trendy flirty boys are my personal favorites, you also have the preppy boys who flirt in the most conceited way possible, the emo boys in their tight jeans who leave almost nothing to the imagination, and, of course, the thugged out boys who are sometimes hard to pick up the flirt. These guys usually have their pants down to their knees, rock hard abs, big biceps, and we usually imagine that they have huge dick; probably because they are commonly dark skinned, and we associate dark skinned boys with a huge cock. 

Flirty Boys

Another point as well: a flirty boy does not have to be fully gay. The new term, metro-sexual, definitely falls into the flirty boy category in the straight community. Metro-sexual is a nice way of saying a straight guy with the gay guy perfected grooming habits. In my experience, these are the guys who have perfect nails, dress nice, have rock hard bodies, perfect hair, and smooth, clear skin. And they are not always as straight as they think they are. If you want some metro-sexual, straight, pretty boy eye candy, the best place to start is the gym. 

I did not even go to a public gym, just to the gym at my apartment, and I found mine. I go down there at least every couple of days. I do not have a schedule, or even a routine. I just work out to relieve stress. I am in my late twenties, so I know that I need to keep my body hot, and starting to work out now is good. I had seen this kid before. He could not be a day over 19. I talked to him in the elevator on occasion. He lives in the building alone, but I have seen him with several chicks. I do not blame them. Sometimes he works out with no shirt on, and he is the very definition of flirty boy, and best of all he ís straight. 

Flirty Boys

I had introduced myself another time when he was in the gym. I walked in this time and saw him on the tread mill. He always jogs, and then pumps iron. I said Hey Jerrodî and he said, Hey. What ís up man?î That was the extent of our conversation for the entire night. For the next two hours, we would say nothing. As he was on the treadmill, I did my stretches, and then started working on my chest. Not because I wanted to, but because the universal machine faced the pretty boy with a nice bubble butt that jiggled with every step on the treadmill! When he jumped off the machine, I knew his next move already. He went for the exercise ball that he uses to work out his abs. By this time, his shirt had already come off. He laid down on the ball and arched his back, stretching his hard abs, and forcing the bulge in his work out shorts (which were shorter than the kind he usually wore) to stick out so anyone in the room could see that he certainly was not lacking anything in that department. I always checked out his cock when he did this, but never saw him in these shorts. 

Now, the best part about a metro-sexual is that they love attention, and usually are pretty damn playful and flirty. He already knew I would be looking from all the previous times we worked out at the same time and flirted some. So, with his hands behind his head he would rise up and stare at me with his brown eyes, and I made sure not to break eye contact. This, of course, got me hard instantly. Fortunately, my cock is just over eight inches and very thick, so when I'm hard, it's usually too heavy to stand up. It just lays there like a solid rock. I continued to play this game as he did his sit-ups, looking at me when he crunched upwards, and occasionally looking at his own bulge. Finally, the other guy who was in the work out room grabbed a towel, wiped off his face and left. It was just me and the flirty boy Jerrod now.  

Flirty boys

Jerrod left his exercise ball, went over to the weight bench, and laid down, again showing his massive bulge. He picked up the weights and started to press. I saw this as an opportunity, and with my heart beating 90 miles an hour, I went over to spot him. My cock was still rock hard, but still hanging low. I went over and stood almost over his head, but not quite. I laid my hand on the bar, making sure to slightly touch his. With this, he started to set down the weights and slip backward so he was just under me. I knew that he could see right up my shorts. But he did not say a word. He picked up the weights and started pumping again, keeping his abs flexed. I noticed that his bulge was flinching. I thought to myself, no way.This guy ís going to let himself get a boner right in front of me, knowing how bad I want it. I guess, after seeing inside my shorts that I was rock hard, he figured it would be ok. This sort of puts a new meaning to flirty boy, right?

We went on for a few more sets, and the very last time he set down the weights, he pulled up on them, and I felt my cock being sucked into his warm mouth. I almost lost it. It must have been a mixture of feeling surprised and how great it felt inside his mouth. He worked on me for maybe three or four minutes, managing to take most of my cock into his throat, and even tonguing around my foreskin. I guess I was throbbing so much, he was afraid I was going to cum, so he got up and motioned for me to lie down on the bench, which I gladly did. 

Now, up to this point I had only been sitting or standing. When I lay down, you can definitely see that I'm hard. He walked over to my head and I put my hands on the bar to start lifting. Just like me, he made sure that I had a view of his cock.  He was not even fully hard, and his head was hanging slightly lower than his shorts. He looked bigger than me. 

Flirty boys

Apparently, weight lifting is not what he had in mind for me. He removed my hands, and placed one on my cock, and the other on his, which was now hanging well below his shorts. As soon as he felt my hand on his meat, I heard him make a moan. I was so horny at this point I did not even care if anyone walked into the gym.  I pulled my dick out started jerking it along with his, hard and fast. He finally removed my hand from his hard-on and pulled down his shorts. The shorts were defiantly taking away from it because when he removed them, his cock slung out and like I guessed, was bigger than me. He had to be over nine inches. It was perfectly straight, and his head was massive. I jerked myself and stared up at him, as his hand slid back and fourth over the entire nine inches. His balls where slapping so close to my face I couldnít help but put my mouth on them. That was it. As soon as I did, I felt the warmth of his cum on my chest and then shot my own load all over my stomach. The biggest surprise of the entire night was that he then bent over laying his balls and cock on my face, and licked both his cum and mine off of me. 

Still not saying a word, he walked over to the towel rack, butt naked, and started wiping the sweat from his forehead. He was still semi-hard, and such a damn hot boy, that I was ready to go again. As he dried off the sweat from his legs, he bent over and gave me a quick glimpse of a beautiful ass. He stood back up, wrapped the towel around him, smiled at me, and walked out with is shorts and shirt in his hand. What a nineteen year old flirt! The next time I saw him was in the gym again, and he could not even make eye contact with me. He did, however, manage to get hard much easier, but seemed to not want anyone to notice.

Flirty boys

I guess I'm infatuated with flirty boys. Perhaps it's the thrill of the hunt. Usually I go for the younger flirty boys.  They just seem to be a little extra flirty.  They usually like to tease, and then in the end, play very hard to get. I try to surround myself with flirty boys, and the thing about them is although they are not always interested in each other, I have found that they like to travel in packs.  The whole damn group of boys is usually a flirt to each other, even if they are not interested in each other. The best way to get some flirty boy ass is to gain membership into a flirty boy pack! If you get into the click of flirty boys, you are pretty well set. I am the oldest in the group I hang out with, and I'm in my late twenties. Other than me, the oldest in the group is 22. Everyone else is 18 and 19. 

One of the eighteen year old guys mentioned a camping trip. I immediately chimed in and said that it was a great idea.  After all, what would be better than a pretty boy camping trip! There would be nothing but hot young boys walking around half naked or totally naked depending on how crazy things got, all flirting with each other. 

Jeremy and I immediately started making plans with the rest of the group members. We were the ones with the idea, so we coordinated who would go, who would bring what, and where we would all sleep. I had been interested in Jeremy since he joined the group. To my knowledge, none of us had hooked up with him. During the sleeping arrangement, I jokingly told Jeremy that he was sharing my tent with me, and maybe my sleeping bag, if he could not behave on his own! He laughed and said that was fine, and he would try to behave. Then Shannon, another one that I had my eye on, asked me what if he did not behave? I told him they would both end up in my sleeping bag. 

Flirty boys

Finally, the day came. We all met up at a local gas station and headed out for the lake. Already 5 of the 7 guys going had their shirts off, including me, Shannon and Jeremy. This was the first time I had seen their bodies. Neither of them was built like Jerrod, the straight boy in the gym, at all. Shannon was dark skinned and thin. He was not wearing swimming shorts, but silver Nike basketball shorts instead. He had defined abs and chest, but was still very skinny, not bulky. His skin was a beautiful color and I could not help but wonder what was under those shorts. Jeremy was skinny but still ripped.  He was a classic white boy. He was wearing swim shorts that did not seem to be tied tight enough. They were barely hanging on to his hip bone and ass. I began wondering in my head, if I could see both boys completely nude, would I want the back or front first. I changed my mindset when I started feeling my cock get harder. 

Flirty boys

When we got to the lake, we all started setting up the tents. There were three total. One for me, Shannon, and Jeremy, and two more that would each have two guys in it. I intentionally brought the smallest one I had but neither of the guys seemed to mind. Apparently, this was the weekend to go camping as the lake was full of boys. I still think my crowd was probably some of the best looking and seemingly the flirtiest. Jeremy kept bending over while we were setting up the tent and, with swim shorts that were already falling down, I saw lot of ass cheek and plenty of crack. He had to know what he was doing.  What a flirt.  What I would not have given to just throw him down and slip my tongue in between there. Although Shannonís pants were not showing ass crack, I don't think he had underwear on, because every time he walked, his package swung freely. 

Finally, the tents were setup and we all were trying to decide what to do next. Another member of the group suggested we go skinny dipping, but Jeremy said there were too many people out, and it was too bright still. The sun was just beginning to go down. Another guy, Ramon, who is Hispanic, agreed. So, we just went swimming in regular clothes. I had on a regular swim suit, and Shannon just swam in his basket ball shorts. Two of the other guys swam in Speedos. I wondered for a second, after looking at their crotch areas that were overflowing, if maybe I should not have roomed with them. But then, watching Shannon walk out of the water, I noticed that his nylon shorts stuck to him like skin. I was right. He was wearing nothing underneath. I could make out everything under those shorts. Even the amazing helmet headed cock. The shorts were silver and thin, so they were somewhat see-through. It looked like he was completely shaved. I kept wondering what our night in the tent would be like. Would anything happen? I sure hoped so. 

While Shannon was running out of the water to get the beach ball we had brought, one of the other guys (one I did not really know well) came up to Jeremy and lifted him out of the water, he was incredibly flirty. I almost went crazy. His shorts did not want to come out of the water I guess he should have tied them tighter. I was able to see all the way to the base of his sexy V. He had just the right amount of hair. By this time, I was once again hard, so I stayed in the water and did not even consider going out.  I tried to keep my distance, but Shannon, who had now gotten the beach ball, was tossing it back and forth.  As he was backing up to catch it, he backed his dark skinned ass right into my boner. He said a quick, oops and moved on. What I would not have given to not have our shorts on at that moment in time.

Once the sun finally went down, Ramon said that almost everyone was gone, so he was ready to remove the shorts if anyone else would. One of Speedo guys threw his Speedo and hit Ramon in the chest. I took that as my cue, and off came my shorts.  I tossed them onto the sandy beach. Everyone had removed their shots except for Jeremy. He was the one who hesitated earlier in the day, too. Everyone was saying come on Jeremy, you have to!î and things like that. I saw Shannon walking up behind him. I guess he was going to sneak up and pull then off, but Jeremy saw him coming and told him don't even think about it.  As he was looking at Shannon, I went under water and swam over to him, grabbed the very lose swim shots and easily got then down. He was so stunned; he did not even try and grab them. When I stood up, I was so close to him that our cocks touched for a brief second.  I guess I was trying to put on my flirty boy attitude.  Our eyes met for a second so I'm thinking it worked.  He tried to grab them from me, but since I'm taller, he could not reach them. I tossed them over to Shannon, who tossed them on shore with ours. Jeremy had no choice but to stay in the water, or run to the beach and reveal his hard-on to everyone. He told me how big of an ass I was, and I told him he knew he liked it. He did not argue. 

Flirty Boys

When it came time to get out, most of the guys ran to the shore, including Shannon and Jeremy. So, there was not much to see. I'm a pretty big guy, so I just walked. I was not hard anymore, just kind of thick and heavy. I did not mind being looked at.  Back at the tents, we built a fire and most all of the guys were in their underwear or boxers. At this point, no one was wearing a shirt. I was wearing boxers, as was Shannon.  Jeremy had on pretty boy underwear that showed off a very impressive package. His shorts had not given any hint to his size but these boxer briefs certainly did. We roasted some franks and marshmallows. Of course, we joked about who could fit the most hot dog down their throat. The toss up was between Shannon and Jeremy. Everyone joked about how I was the lucky one to get the tent with two deep-throaters. How great the night was to be around a group of flirty boys that constantly remarked about sexual things and made sexual gestures to each other. 

Finally, when everyone was winding down, a couple of the guys went to their tent. Who knows whether it was to sleep or play?  When we all decided to go into our tent, we unpacked our sleeping bags. Jeremy asked in a flirtatious manner, if he and Shannon had behaved, or if they did not get their own sleeping bag. I laughed and said that it was too difficult to get his shorts off in the water. Shannon said he had behaved, and I reminded him that he ran into me in the water. Jeremy said it sounded like I was just flirting, and wanting to get them out of their sleeping bags, and I said you never know and winked. 

I do not remember who now, but one of them mentioned that there is no way we would all fit in one sleeping bag. I said that we can just lay it out like a blanket and not cover up with anything. I told them that I like to sleep in the nude just to see what their reaction might be. They both thought it was hot and said they are embarrassed to do it, though. I said its ok. I asked if I could give them a back massage to help them relax and sleep. Shannon was the first to answer with a hell yea,î so I told him to roll over on his belly. He did. I had notremoved my boxers just yet. I got on top of him, on my knees, and placed my hands gently on his shoulder blades. I wanted to be slow and flirty so I barely touched him. He shuddered a bit. I started to rub the muscle between his blades and his neck. He made it very clear that he loved it. I worked my way down to his middle back, working the muscles. It should go without saying that I was once again hard. My boxers were keeping my dick somewhat restrained, but I knew that Shannon felt that I was hard.

 Jeremy was still lying on his side watching everything and doing and amazing job of flirting with just his eyes. The flirty boy was still wearing his underwear, but his bulge was no longer where it was earlier. Now his cock was completely hard, and curved around his body to the left. I could see that he was no small boy, and was cut with a nice head, like Shannon. I turned my attention back to Shannon, and worked my hands all over his lower back. I could tell I was headed in the right direction because every time I would get near his underwear waistband, he would raise his ass into the air just a little more. I thought this might be the right time to slip them off. As soon as I slipped my fingers under the waistband, he seemed to know what I was planning. His ass jumped into the air as the underwear slid down. This was one fine boy with one pretty ass. I could not wait to put my lips to his skin. 

Flirty boys

As I had just started massaging my fingers into his ass, Jeremy moved over to us and lay down next to Shannon on his stomach. He was already slipping out of his underwear. I was about to go crazy with both boys laying face down in their pillows, with their hot asses exposed for me to do whatever I wanted to them. I moved my left hand over to Jeremy's ass. 

As I massaged both of their asses, they were thrusting their bodies over like crazy under my hands. I could tell how bad they wanted me. I started working my finger closer to their holes. By this time, they were both moaning, but I could not tell who was making what sound. As I worked my finger up into both of their holes, they both started pushing up against me, trying to force my finger into them. Finally, I stopped fingering Shannon and gently kissed his ass cheeks. My tongue got closer and closer to his hole, and the closer I got, the more I would bite and scrape with my teeth. That obviously drove him crazy. I worked my tongue all around his hole, making him beg and plead for it, all the while, spreading Jeremy's ass cheeks apart, and working my finger into him. I finally decided to give Shannon what he was asking for I slipped my tongue as far as I could into him. I heard him slap the floor of the tent, and moan like he would die if he did not get more. I worked at this of a few minutes, and then decided to move over and give Jeremy the same pleasure. 

As I switched over to Jeremy, I decided to remove my boxers since every one else was naked. As I removed my boxers, both Jeremy and Shannon stared at my cock in amazement. When my dick finally slug free, Shannon got up and flirtatiously rolled his tongue around my cock before shoving all 8 inches into his mouth. As he sucked my dick, I worked my tongue around Jeremy's hole the way I had done Shannonís. I heard him muttering something, but I have no idea what it was. Finally I could not stand the hole flirting anymore, and I gently pressed my tongue into his hole. He let out a cry as I went farther and farther. I could not believe that I had both of these pretty boys all to myself, and they both wanted me inside them so badly. Although Shannon was doing an amazing job sucking my dick into his throat, I wanted to see the rest of these boys. I gave him a couple more minutes while he ran his tongue across my foreskin, and then finally threw him down on his back. I also flipped Jeremy over on his back, and studied their bodies. This was the first time I was able to see them fully naked from the front. I was not disappointed. 

Flirty boys

Shannon was rock hard. He looked at least three times as big as he was in the water. I would probably give him a solid seven or seven and a half inches. He was cut, and basically straight as a possible. His entire cock and balls were shaved smooth.  There was no hair anywhere to be seen. His balls where so heavy and hung down almost to his ass hole. His dick ran up his stomach almost to his belly button, and stopped with that amazing helmet head that I had seen at the beach. I could not wait to suck those smooth, heavy balls into my mouth but I just could not stop taking in the view. 

Jeremy was classic white boy. His amazing V led down to the hairy area that I had seen in the water. His hair was light brown in color and basically perfect. His dick was around the same size as Shannonís. He, too, was cut and very thick.  Instead of going up his stomach, his dick bent to the side and laid on a curve around his hip. His balls were the same size as Shannonís, but he was so hard and throbbing, that they were pulled tight up against the base of his cock. I could not believe I was staring at these beautiful bodies. They laid there like I could do whatever I wanted to them. They were both the image of the perfect pretty boy, lying there naked, hard, and hungry. 

I reached out my arms and laid each hand on the boy's nuts. They both jumped in pleasure as they felt the warmth of my hand. I reached down and licked the pre-cum off of each of their dicks. I continued to stroke Jeremy's while I sucked Shannon.  Shannon leaned over and started to suck Jeremy. As I was sucking Shannon, I felt a hand on my dick, and looked down. I saw that Jeremy had reached over and grabbed me. Shannon made a movement that made me think he was about to cum, so I stopped and told him not to cum. He said he did not know how long he could last. I stopped and moved over to Jeremy. This only lasted a few minutes when Shannon bit my ear, and told me he wanted to get fucked. This is just what I wanted to hear. 

Flirty Boys

I told both of the boys to get on all fours and bend over, which they did without question. I stood back with all eight inches swinging out in front of me and looked at what I was about to fuck. Both asses were so nice, and looked tight and beautiful. I took a couple of more licks on both boys asses, and slipped my middle fingers in each one. I heard them saying things like harder, and more, but I don't know who said which. I spit on my dick to get it lubed up and ready to ram into Shannon. As I started to rub my head against his hole, I pulled my finger out of Jeremy and put in three fingers instead. I heard him say Oh my god and started ramming them in and out of him. Just about four inches of me slid into Shannon. He was so fucking tight. I finally worked all of my meat inside him, and he was going crazy. As I rammed him harder and harder, Jeremy looked around at me and told me that it was his turn.

Shannon was not ready for me to stop, but I told him not to cum yet. I pulled out and re-licked Jeremy's ass. Once it was wet enough, I started pressing my head against his hole. It did not hurt apparently. Probably because he just had three fingers shoved in him as far as I could get them. He immediately started ramming his ass checks up against my hips, making sure that he was getting all of me inside him. I did the same with Shannon as I had with Jeremy, only Shannon was now on his back so I could see him jacking off. I rammed three fingers inside him hard. He did not seem satisfied, so as I continued to fuck Jeremy, I slipped a fourth finger into Shannon. This seemed to do it. He asked if he could cum now. I again told him no. I reached around and grabbed Jeremy's dick that was as solid as a concrete block, and swinging every time I rammed up against him. I started stroking him faster and faster, and when I heard him say, Oh Shit!î I told Shannon to cum. I stuck my fingers into his ass as far as I could, and in about twenty seconds Shannon was shooting his cum all over his stomach and chest. I even saw cum hit him on the side of his face. As he came, I felt him tighten his hole. 

About mid-cum Jeremy said, Oh my god, I'm gonna cum. As Shannon just wound down his cum shot, I felt Jeremy's dick swell inside my hand, and felt his hole tightening around my cock. This is all it took for me. As he was screaming, I felt his cum running down the base of his dick as my own cum shot deep into his ass. As I was cumming into Jeremy's ass, I leaned over and licked up what was still squirting out of Shannon. Each pretty boy turned and looked at me. They were both sweaty and out of breath. I could tell they were pleased. We all three passed out naked with Jeremy's cum still dripping on the side and floor of the tent.  

There is a reason I seek out these extremely flirty boys. Not only are they usually young with a hot, tight ass, but they have amazing stamina. They will beg for more, and usually cum in huge amounts. I highly suggest going on a flirty boy hunt; forget the boring boys. Whether your type is the athletic dark skinned, buzz cut boy like Shannon, or the preppy, white Jeremy, you will be hooked once you get one that flirts as hot as some of these guys do. 

There is nothing better than looking down and seeing you dick getting gobbled up while having the flirty boy stare into your eyes with his mouth full. All you want to do is ram their tight asses, and the best part is you usually don't even have to ask. Make them want it bad enough, and in time, they will be on all fours with their asses in the air waiting on you to do whatever you want to it. 

The best thing to remember about seeking out these flirty boys is that you CAN have them. Regardless of your age, self confidence goes a long way, and you should know that what you have to offer is worth being begged for. Don't be afraid to flirty it could be the start you need to hottest night of sex you've had in a long time. 

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